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"Cory has helped me discover the physical limitations that were

holding back my golf swing. With his thorough full body testing, we

discovered a few areas that needed strengthening and/or more flexibility in

order to make my golf swing more efficient. If you want to take your golf

game to the next level, Cory is the first person you should see. His

analysis has made my workouts and golf practice sessions more meaningful.

You will use your time better with Cory's program and ultimately understand

your golf game like a touring professional.

Mark Wilson, PGA Tour, 5x PGA Tour winner

Cory's knowlege about TPI (titleist performance institute) and the game of golf helped keep my body from injuries while helping my stamina. His enthusiastic attitude helped keep me motivated during my workouts and pushed me to be a better athlete. Thanks Cory, look forward to working with you again when I'm back in Chicago! 

Jane Park, LPGA Tour member, 2004 U.S. women's amateur champion. 

 "I worked with Cory while I was at Northwestern. Over the course of the three-year span that we worked together, I saw my body change and my game improve. I have not met anyone as knowledgeable about golf performance training as Cory is. He helped me improve throughout college and got me ready to take my game to the next level when I turned professional. In order to improve and play professionally, it is important that my body is able to perform and respond how I want it to. Our training together helped me see big gains in strength and mobility. Cory was one of my biggest assets in school and continues to be to this day."

David Lipsky, European Tour member, Omega European Master Champion 2014, Big Ten Champion 2010

"After winning player of the year in the Illinois PGA in '03 and '04 and making the cut at the '04 PGA Championship at Whistling Straits, I hurt my left shoulder and struggled in '05. After an MRI, doctors suggested surgery because of bone spurring. But my sports psychologist, who is also an M.D. and lives in Washington D.C, told me to hold off. He checked around and told me to go see Cory Puyear, who he heard was the best sports performance trainer in the Chicago area. Cory and I worked together through the winter of '05. We focused not only my shoulder but we also worked on strength and flexibility with respect to other aspects of my body. The pain in my shoulder completely disappeared and I went on to win player of the year again in '06 and '07.

If you have an injury or if you need to improve your body to reach your maximum potential as an athlete, you won't find anyone better than Cory Puyear. I highly recommend him!!!"

Roy Biancalana, PGA professional, multiple winner Illinois PGA Section

"Thanks, Cory, for helping me rehabilitate a shoulder and left elbow. Dr. Bowen highly recommended you and he was right on. I couldn't have been as successful in getting back to my best playing days without your personalized, golf specific exercises, and knowledge. The Champions Tour will not know what hit them, when I'm the best fit and prepared player on tour. They will gladly know from me that it was P.U.R.E. Golf that has made the real difference. Thanks for all your help!"

  -Chip Beck, Champions Tour Player 

"Cory has helped me develop a better understanding of my body’s role in the golf swing. Through golf-specific exercises and training, I’ve strengthened my right hip/glute to provide more resistance in my backswing, so I don’t overturn my hips. Cory’s knowledge of how the body functions in the golf swing has helped me get to a better position at the top of my swing and gain more confidence on the golf course."

  -Jessica Schneider, Futures Tour

"Cory did a great job assessing my physical limitations and designing workouts to increase my balance and flexibility. His knowledge of biomechanics and exercise science helped me build my core strength and overcome a serious, hip injury. While working with Cory, I won the Canadian Tour’s Order of Merit in 2005, finished T-21 at the 2005 Canadian Open and qualified for the 2006 U.S. Open at Winged Foot. I believe in Cory’s approach and would recommend his services to anyone looking to improve their game."

Michael Harris, Canadian Tour

"As an ex-professional baseball player I’ve experienced the aches and

pains normally associated with the aging process. These issues have

affected my ability to swing the golf club properly and effectively.

After working with Cory I’ve been able to develop a proper, well-

balanced golf swing and my handicap has improved from 13+ to as low

as 7.9 this last summer. My balance has improved markedly. This

illustrates proof of his ability to teach golf mechanics and to help

the golfer get into “golf shape” with proper strengthening and

stretching exercises. I began working with him nearly 6 years ago

and have been enjoying the game of golf much more ever since our first


Rich Nye, former Chicago Cubs pitcher 1969

"Cory, Just wanted to email you to thank you. This past weekend I visited my daughter, Sammi, at U of I and I was amazed at how good her swing motion looked. The information you provided during your analysis were the missing links we have been searching for. Her motion is much more controlled and in balance. As a result, her motion is much more powerful and she has noticed yardage increases and improved consistency. All of which was/is the result of your analysis and providing the proper implementation!"

Bob Sloan, PGA Professsional

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